Monday, January 7, 2008

Blogging Again!

Another year! One of my resolutions was to get back to blogging. I was telling Ed and Peter last year how I had a website in college and kept an online diary before blogging was even coined a term. Alas, I missed out on that potential biz venture, but still enjoy writing down my thoughts even if no one reads them. Although in college my "blogs" did draw some scaries that followed my life story. Can you believe it is 2008? It was only yesterday I was writing on my UW page and going to TSA meetings and here is Mark, my roomate, in our living room playing Guitar Hero with my husband Ed! Funny how things happen but I'm still loving every minute of it!

Snow has been falling immensely - Tahoe trips are being planned left and right. Can't wait to get some fresh powder!


Howard said...

hey pachi! i've tried to resuscitate my bloggin so many times...and each time it dies again after a few's so hard!!!

Peter said...

I am so flattered to be mentioned in your blog! Keep up the good work.