Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter Fun

I think Howard was right on blog consistency! (meaning, there is none)

I do have to play catch up though. I've been having too much fun with friends here that I forget to report out.

Here are some highlights in the last month...

January 24th weekend in Vegas:

-Ed was at an Intel conference all week so I took Friday off and joined him for the weekend. It was also his b-day on the 27th so we figured it was a good way to celebrate.

-Since he lost his glamorous hotel room at the Venetian Thursday night, I booked the cheapest hotel on the strip: the Imperial Palace. Ends up that was a big mistake.

-Ed calls me from the hotel room Thursday, 4PM, before I left work to catch my flight. He says the room is terrible and he was going to look online for some other ones. I just blew it off, figuring, it can't be THAT bad. He was likely just feeling the downgrade from his plush Venetian room.

-Ed calls me when I'm at the SJC airport and says he found Monte Carlo for the remainder of the weekend for only $10 more than what we were paying at the Imperial. So we figured we'd check on the next morning and stay the rest of the weekend at Monte Carlo.

-I show up at the Imperial Palace that night, to pretty much the most horrible room I've stayed in (besides Naples, Italy). The bed was so old and springy that as soon as you sat on it, it sagged to the floor. And plus I could feel the springs all night.

-The next morning, we left our bags with the IP baggage check and walked to the Wynn for buffet brunch. We figured we'd pick up our bags afterwards and walk to the Monte Carlo.

-As we walked towards the Wynn, we notice that everyone was staring behind us. So we looked back as well. The Monte Carlo (hotel we are staying in for the rest of the weekend) is on fire.

-For some reason, Ed and I were quite calm. We figured they would figure it out by the time we finished eating.

-After the buffet, we go to the Monte Carlo and it had been evacuated. They tell us to go to the MGM, that there were rooms there (or at another sister property - either Treasure Island, MGM or the Mirage)

-We walk to MGM, the front desk assures us there is plenty of room in their new wing ; "The Signature", which are all suites.

-We walk toward the suites, but saw signs in the meantime to check in this other area. At that check in area, they tell us there are no rooms left at MGM, and we had to go downstairs, get on a shuttle, and they would shuttle us to another property. They had no idea which property, however.

-Before we headed down, Ed was insistent we go straight back to the "Signature" and just check whether or not they really had rooms. He was confident these other people had no idea what they were talking about.

-So we went back there and indeed, they had rooms. And it was the most beautiful room ever! Not as nice as Ed's Venetian room (so he claims), but nevertheless super nice. Brand new, flat screen TV, stocked kitchen, TV in the bathroom, jacuzzi tub with jets!

-The best part of the story was..when we checked out, they didn't have us sign anything. And after verifying, they said that it was taken care of (free). The suites were $269 per night! And they even refunded our original deposit!

Ok, so I guess MGM-Mirage has a good rep in our mind.

BTW, we found out they also own Bellagio! As there were signs there welcoming the Monte Carlo fire guests as well...

January 29 - Ed's post b-day bash at the bowling alley

My best game ever!! Ed, Mark and Howard killed Yeelo and I though. Although the other team (Roger, Amy, Jing, Alex, Ming, Emily) still owe us a meal. In the picture. D = Mark (Dimelo), E = Yeelo (forgot why), W = Howard (WieWie), BB = Ed (bday Boi), P = Pachi (peach)

February 9 - Howard's 30th bday bash

BEST German food ever at the Haufbrau House in SF! And Howard gets all emo while he's drunk. There's Milhouse, at it again (aka Brian)

Feb 14 - Valentine's day

Ed and I make chocolate covered strawberries, yum.

Feb 15-18th President's Day weekend

Girlz nite at Emily's (yum, crepes), Comedy show w/ Jing/Alex, Gilroy, hiking at Windy Hill (w/ Roger), golfing range. Could we pack more into a weekend?

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