Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Puerto Vallarta

A much needed mini-vacation! Check out the awesome view from our hotel room!

PV was so much more than I expected. For one thing, it was relatively CLEAN (except the ocean). There was also, surprisingly, a lot of the mexican culture that was definitely not evident in the only other Mexican city I've been to (Cancun). Puerto, from that perspective, was much more enriching. Since it was a "real" city, lots of historic buildings, churches, and even art (which was shockingly modern!) lining the streets of downtown. Plus the locals were extremely pleasant, friendly and helpful (much more so than in Cancun or even Costa Rica). And the weather was perfect. Not too humid with a nice ocean breeze. Ed and I really enjoyed our time there. It's always nice to get away by ourselves for some time, with nothing to really worry about. We didn't have any tours or appointments lined up, which made it even nicer. :) The food was incredible compared to anything you could ever get in the states for mexican, of course. We did get inspired by some special mexican recipes, with I am likely going to try out. Funny how we ate 4 days of mexican and are still craving it. They had this really neat lime-ade drink at this one restaurant. And some yummy seafood quesadillas.
We did almost get lost in the depths of PV one day on the bus, but you can ask me about that story another time. :) I guess Ed got me back for our incident in Venice. :) Good thing the people are friendly. I was reminded how much fun the water is though. Always looking for a way to get in some exercise, of course. I really want a pool someday.

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