Monday, April 7, 2008

Yosemite Falls and Relationships

Conquered again!

This time it was with a whole different crew. Minus Peter, which doesn't happen often, but we had him in our hearts as the person who challenged Ed/Fan and I initially and introduced us to this wonderful park (I think there was a toast to Peter at one point).

Crew: Howard, Yeelo, Jing, Alex, Tracy, Fan, Ed and I.

Fond memories include:
-trying to climb up Jing's pole prior to departure
-the really good Vietnamese restaurant in Milpitas (although slightly overpriced)
-NO snowstorm during the drive up
-new bear lockers directly outside of each tent cabin (awesome)
-Only 30 degrees (vs sub 20) overnight
-full stomachs with lots of fresh fruit and goodies before the hike
-everyone traveling pretty much the same pace (no man/woman left behind) during the hike
-relatively warm hiking weather
-whole grain bread was good!
-"10 minutes away"...eventually became reality!
-no complainers or people who wanted to turn back!
-hamburger shaped cookies
-Tracy sets the pace!
-Yeelo and Howard "run" the last mile. How come they stopped already? :)
-Snow for the last 500 feet
-upper falls views
-upgraded shower hall! (hot water!!)
-decent pizza!
-hiding our beer from the yosemite cafe nazis
-Australian cheddar from Whole Foods. Yum.
-drinking outside the lodge
-chatting inside the lodge
-The Pub mix Ed didn't want me to buy (yum)
-WARM Saturday night!
-The "intense" hike up to Bridalveil.
-The "chair" tree branch that we all straddled. The boys were supposed to face each other! ha ha.
-The House of Beef is CLOSED!!! Cry, cry..
-But the mexican place is GOOD!!
-Yeelo and Howard want to go biking and running afterwards (crazies)

-But end up sleeping (that sounds better)
-Steak at Black Angus. (not too good for some though)
-Meeting up with Peggy and Casey

Lots of thoughts regarding relationships between couples as well as just people during the trip. Between the "couples" on the trip and how each of them relate and support one another. In summary, my assessment was quite positive for all the peeps on the trip. ;) For example:

1. Fan-Cy: Instead of showering after the hike, Fan knew Tracy would be hungry as expected after the hike, so went to eat cup of noodles with her while we all showered and then went to get dinner. Ended up that Fan never made it to have pizza with us, and chose to cuddle with Tracy to keep her warm in the tent (and God knows what else) while the rest of us ate dinner near the cafe. Fan sacrifices food for love, who knew? :)

2. Al-ing or Jex (need a nickname): Patience and support. Alex would always wait for Jing, regardless if it was because she was falling behind relative to us going to eat, or if she was falling behind on the hike. He was always by her side, regardless of everyone else's pace.

3. Yee-Wie: We all know they are inseparable (either that or competitive!). If Yeelo wants to run the last mile, Howard is there with her. If Yeelo hates sausage, we get canadian bacon (lucky for me!). Note Howard is the only guy who waited for Yeelo after the showers.

All the above encourages me, knowing that our friends are in happy relationships, and in the meantime, allowing Ed and I to evaluate our relationship in light of those around us. It's nice to be able to be amongst people that are in healthy relationships and can help us grow in ours.

May we continue to grow as much as we have since we've met!

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Howard said...

hey pachi! this was an awesome entry! i hope we go on more trips like these that you can write about and keep up the good blogging :)