Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Year Anniversary

Time flies! I ALMOST forgot about our anniversary! Ed reminded me on the 9th during our little evening stroll around the block. I hope that he knows that the only reason it almost didn't cross my mind is because I am HAPPY! This year is Year #6 since we first started dating - and everytime I see him I still feel like I did the first month we met.

I feel guilty right now. I was going to surprise him at the Fairmont tonight, but now it's too late. That's what happens when you blog too much.

Mallo, see you in my dreams! I love you!


~jInG-jInG~ said...

hello. did i take that picture? i think i did. looking good!!! as always, not anything less.

tonyswong said...

pachi, look at ed's face, so sweet & so happy w/contentment---that means he loves it. keep doing it, not everyday but every minute. that's call LOVE.