Friday, June 20, 2008

Tips on Curbing Everyday Spending

extracted from the San Jose Mercury News, Fri June 20th (it's the first day of Summer!) by Candice Choi

Tips on how to find savings in everyday spending habits:
1. Use cash instead of credit cards. You'll be more aware of how much you're spending.
2. Don't be afraid to buy second-hand goods. Used books, clothes and accessories can often be found online in good condition at a fraction of the retail price.
3. Check cable, cell phone and bandking statements for any services you may not need or even know you have.
4. Shop around for better rates when your cell phone contract is up
5. Go online to comparison sites before making any big purchases
6. Learn to cook and rely less on eating out. Eating just a few extra meals a week at home can add up to significant savings over time
7. Try activities that don't cost money: hiking, card game nights, borrowing movies from the library, etc.
8. Take your own snack/lunch to work.

Pachi's compliancy assessment to these tips:
1. i try with food during the week. failed with everything else
2. failed
3. failed. that cable bill sucks.
4. done this year with switch to AT&T
5. ed is good about doing this one
6. we try. but we still end up spending pretty pennies on the weekend
7. we try. rollerblading is a good one, too. anyone have recommendations on a good library to check out movies? i can't say what we "usually" do to work around this one in public.
8. yes! Ed, however...

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