Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My 30th B-day

Another decade older! Tracy came up with this great idea of having a Hawaiian-themed joint b-day party so that's what we did! We had people dress in island garb and bring Hawaiian-themed food.

Details on the food:

We provided:

1. Teriyaki Chicken
2. Kalbi short ribs
3. Mashed Taro
4. Banana-macadamia nut bread
5. Mai-tai's.

People brought:
More teriyaki chicken (Quinn's infamous recipe)
More short ribs (apparently CP and Wilson bought 12lbs for 2 parties that day??)
Salmon poke (hooray Yeelo and Howard)
Ahi poke (hooray Sophie and Mike)
Pineapple upside down cake (Irene)
Chicken adobo (Arlene)
Chicken Katsu (Kerry)
Saimin (Eugene and Amanda)
Mango salsa (Amy)
Pineapples (lots of peeps)
Lychee martinis (Liz and Mark)
Pina Coladas (Seila and Alix)

...and of course plenty of wine and beer and other drinks.

It was great fun. We started out with eating, of course. Guests helped with the grilling in the backyard. Good thing we bought that 4 person outdoor dining set because we didnt' have space for people to sit and plus it was 90 degrees that day (scorching in the house). Drinks were consumed, of course. We had a scavenger hunt with THINGS and PEOPLE inside and outside the house. People who completed the hunt with all answers correct got a 2nd entry into our raffle. People played the ukulele (Arlene!) and the Wii Fit. Of course, there were people playing poker as well. We cut cake and had the raffle towards the end of the night. Many guests (15 or so) stayed until the very end. Of course this is not before having multiple drinks and shots (nasty dark rum ones) and making Seila's watermelon-mint blend and dumping some alcohol in there! Just mingling and meeting new people is always fun, too. :)

We closed up shop at around 1:30AM and Ed and I quickly cleaned up. Thank God for paper plates. I used every paper and plastic utensil I had ever owned.

Thanks for a birthday I will ALWAYS remember. :)

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~jInG-jInG~ said...

happy birthday, pachi!
believe it or not, it's my first time being at your bday party. your bday is in the summer, we never had a party for you during college.
it was fun... you should link that video to your blog... hahaha...