Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remembering Christina Yu

One of my close friends from Folsom, Christina Yu, passed away last Friday with a very rare type of cancer.

Tracy and I had meant to visit her on our way back from Tahoe - but instead were hit by this devastating news when I called Chris on Sunday morning. I didn't know what to say or do. My head was spinning, like everything in the room was surreal. I kept thinking, we were one week too late. And that I should've went earlier. I should've listened to Sharon when she advised me of her timeline. All these things I should've done...

And then regret turned into some sort of anger. She didn't deserve to die so young. She was perfect in every sense. The most endearing type of person you could meet. Beauty and brains and no attitude even though she was perfect.

I'm still hearing her voice in my head of all the limited conversations we've had since she got sick. She was so happy and positive. Always looking at the bright side of everything. Always feeling obligated to please others - from her work to her friends to her music. Chris was one lucky guy.

I miss her. I know she is up there smiling down, though. May you rest in peace, dear friend.


Chun Soong said...

What kind of cancer is that?

tonyswong said...

I want to express how sorry I am for your loss of a best friend. Keep strong and know that she is out of pain and is in the hands of God. Just understand that she is watching over you and protecting your family, and appreciate your friendship. God Bless.